Tales of Washes, Wildfowl and Water

Volunteers needed

One of the projects of the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership is well underway and very keen to recruit more young volunteers to help make a short, animated film all about the creation of the Ouse Washes.

The details of who is eligible and how to get involved:Rosmini animation project A5flier jpeg

The film will be all about the archaeology, landscape heritage, natural heritage and the people who created the landscape and worked in the washes; it will lead those involved to explore the landscape heritage and how the Ouse Washes were created.

The Project


The project is being run by the Fens Museum Partnership, in conjunction with a local volunteer community group linked to the Rosmini Centre in Wisbech. The volunteers involved in the project will shape the story and direction of the film, select the topics and then put the film together, thereby gaining a great sense of ownership over the project and final product.

Once the Ouse Washes Partnership scheme has completed its work, this film will continue to be used by various organisations, for example schools, youth clubs, libraries, local history groups and community groups, providing a concise story of the Ouse Washes to many more people and allowing them to learn about its heritage.

We will also promote the film at many of our partnership events, such as the Festival Fortnight during July 2015 and 2016, and other occasions when we showcase the Ouse Washes scheme to the public.

Previous films from the Fens Museum Partnership

To give you an idea of the wonderful films that are put together using this technique, follow this link to see some films that are part of a series of short, stop-frame animation Fenland Storiesfilms entitled Fenland Stories previously produced by The Fens Museum Partnership.

Once again, on this project, the film will be produced as a packaged DVD, allowing it to be widely distributed to the scheme partners, the Heritage Lottery Fund and other organisations. It will also be uploaded to the scheme’s website, social media and our YouTube channel.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved in the project, please get in touch with Ruth Farnan at the Fens Museum Partnership directly on:

  • 07881 924374, or
  • ruth.farnan@Norfolk.gov.uk

Or you can contact the central team for the partnership using the details on our contact page.

International Children’s Day at Rosmini Centre

Heritage Lottery FundIn case you have missed it: yesterday was National Children’s Day. But not to worry: you get another, very good chance to participate this weekend.

This Saturday, 18 May, the Rosmini Centre in Wisbech is holding its annual and very well-attended International Children’s Day. There will be a range of activities and is worth a visit. This is a summary of their programme:

International Children’s Day is running from 10am – 4pm on 18th May 2013, this is the fourth time we have run this event and it has grown each year in popularity. This year we have Live entertainment, BBQ, Children’s activities including games and Dance workshops, Ice Cream and Cake stalls as well as The Police and Fire Brigade attending with their respective vehicles.

We will have our first ever Annual Balloon Race, tickets are £1.50 and the winning prize is £100.00. Tickets are available from the Rosmini Centre and will also be available on the day.

Download the flyer for this event here: International Children’s day poster

The Rosmini Centre is one of our key partners in the delivery of the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership scheme. About our partner, the Rosmini Centre:

The Rosmini Centre is a Registered Charity that is run for the Community, we provide rooms for hire, a community Cafe, groups for Parents and Children, Information, Advice and Guidance in several languages and much much more!

We have a very friendly and helpful set of staff and volunteers who can assist you with any query you may have so do not hesitate to get in contact.


As part of the Ouse Washes LP scheme, several of our partners will be directly targeting children and adolescents through the delivery of their projects.

As part of the delivery phase for the Ouse Washes LPs scheme, Rosmini Centre is working out details for the creation of educational ‘tool boxes’ which will be loaned out to schools and youth groups. In these, information will be available to explain the myriad relationships between historic and recent migrations within the Ouse Washes and the wider Fens area, and the effect this has had on the landscape, heritage and heritage perception.

Migration is a key element in the Ouse Washes landscape, whether we talk about wildlife, the daily and seasonal water movements, and people; as such, this project will help people getting a better understanding of their own heritage and that of others. As part of the development phase, we are currently also finalising a series of themes to create a coherent way we are presenting the project and the landscape itself. ‘Migration stories’ will be one of these key themes. More about the themes shortly; watch this space!