What’s going on!

LogosBusy busy here in the Ouse Washes with a number of events that we are going to attend with activities and information and perhaps even some biscuits made with local honey…

We will be at:
Sutton Gault Day on Sunday 29th June
Manea Gala (all day)/ Coveney Church Fete (3 – 5 pm) on Saturday 12th July
& Haddenham Steam Rally on Saturday 6th September

Here is our first use of the Ouse Washes Team Selfie so you can locate us with ease (left to right – Abby, Mark, Jono)Ouse washes team selfie

Here’s hoping for the right kind of weather and to see you soon out and about in the Ouse Washes.  If you would like us to include your local event in an upcoming posting or have any suggestions for activities/ info to take give us a shout!

[other events in the area coming soon… Fenland Midsummer Food and Craft Fair on Saturday 21st June at the Secret Garden Touring Park in Wisbech and the last day of the week long Swavesey event also on Saturday 21st June…Chatteris Midsummer Festival on 27 – 29th June…Needingworth Festival on Sat/ Sun 28th/29th June]

On the out-and-about theme I attended a Rotary club dinner recently to talk about the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership (OWLP) work. I spoke in my usual effusive manner about the OWLP scheme though it became clear that some audience members were keen to hear much more about the complexities of the water level management in the area and traditional fens activities.Though it is impossible to give all aspects of this fabulous and diverse area a full treatment in 20 minutes it did make me think about how close some aspects of the area are held to the heart and how best we can recognise and acknowledge this.  One gentleman did speak out saying “we need to focus on the future now” which really sums up where we are as a partnership… linking the stories of the past and the possibilities of the future…

On that note I am keen to find pairs of traditional fenland and modern activities/ objects and would welcome any suggestions: so far there is Molly dancing & Zumba/ Windmills and windturbines…. any suggestions?

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