30,000 – and still counting!

LogosBefore I realised we suddenly passed the 30,000 mark! That is, 30,000 hits on this OWLP blog to date.

Not only that, we have also just passed the 500 followers; so two important milestones have just been reached.

Since the last, similar post (at 10,000 hits), I thought it might thus be another good moment to take stock of what has been going on. We are keen to write about, promote and otherwise inform people about those elements of the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership landscape and heritage that people are actually interested in. As such, I do every now and then check some site stats.

What have I found this time around? Well, here goes:

Number of hits per month:

Capture 4

Total number of hits and number of visitors per month.

As the above graph shows (note: click on the graph to see in more detail) is that a general increase in both hits and numbers of visitors on the OWLP blog is noticeable, with February and March this year having seen particular high volumes of traffic. The dip at the end is because we are only halfway this month – with the current, daily stats showing we are not far off the March figures for June again. Very encouraging.


Average hits per day:


Average hits per day on the OWLP, shown as an average for each month – February 2014 saw particular high traffic.


Most Popular Posts:

Besides our general pages which always get ample clicks (with About OWLP and OWLP Area receiving particular high numbers of hits) the following posts have proven to be particularly popular (in order of most numerous hits):

  1. Hidden Heritage: Mepal Airfield
  2. Your chance to work in the OWLP team
  3. Flooding in the Fens: 1947 Floods
  4. Earith Bridge: modern and historic works
  5. Hidden Heritage: Mepal Airfield Part 2
  6. Hidden Heritage: Hovertrain
  7. What’s in a name: the Ouses of Britain
  8. Ely Dry – Essex Wet: the Great Ouse Cut-Off Channel
  9. People and Legacy: Our Vision for the Ouse Washes
  10. The Lost Fens
  11. How it all works

What conclusion can we draw from this? Perhaps even clearer than at the 10,000 hits stage, it seems that many people are interested in getting information about local heritage of the hidden, unknown kind such as the hover train and relatively recent social and cultural history, such as the WWII use of (former) RAF Mepal and the 1947 floods.

There is good news, as many of the OWLP projects will bring out such intriguing, local stories, which we are keen to spread to a wider audience through this blog.

Now also interestingly, the vast majority of the above posts I did actually not create/write, but were written by our very capable summer placements last year or as guest posts from people we are working with – hmm… something to ponder over the meaning of that one…

Popular categories and tags

Another thing we tend to monitor is the use of the categories and the tags inserted in each post. Below shows the most-looked at categories and tags that people have clicked on, again giving us some idea of what people are interested in:

Capture 3

Most popular Categories and Tags on the OWLP blog

How do people get to the OWLP blog?

Part of the answer lies in the data collected on referrals from search engines and other websites. For instance the data on what people type in Google or other search engines; the most typed search terms through which people get to the OWLP blog are:

  1. Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership; Ouse Washes LPS; Ouse Washes blog; or simply Ouse Washes;
  2. Mepal Airfield
  3. Earith Bridge
  4. Welney Wash
  5. Denver Sluice
  6. Ouse Fen

A second element to answer the above question, shows when looking at the referrals from other sites; the most referrals to date have come from:

  1. Google (including Google Image)
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Cambsacre.org.uk
  5. Bing
  6. Ousewashes.info
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Cambridgeconservationforum.org.uk


Where do people live who look at the OWLP site?

91.9% (slightly down from 94% at the 10,000 hits stage) of visitors to the OWLP site come from the United Kingdom, with frequent visitors also coming from United States, Netherlands; France; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; Slovakia; and Germany. in total, people from an incredible 94 different countries have looked at the blog so far (up from 53 at the 10,000 hits stage).

Capture 2

People from 94 different countries have looked at the OWLP blog to date.


Does the above reflect your views and use of this blog? Do let me know your thoughts. Thanks.


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