Unexpected floribundance and a little bit of history

LogosYou never know when and where you will come across a scene of great beauty which, to my mind, makes life all the richer.  A field of purple with a church in the background, a hummingbird hawk moth trapped in your curtains (having strayed from the pink valerians) or the most fantastic cottage garden display in a rubble pile!Image

Snapdragons going wild at Saxon Business Park, Littleport

Rubble Saxon Business Park flowers2

A fabulous display that included a whole host of glorious poppies (Papaver spp. – Norfolk’s county flower).  Poppies become a symbol of remembrance for First World War soldiers who died during trench warfare in the poppy fields of Flanders. On that theme check out the events planned for October/ November 2014 in Littleport to celebrate the World War One centenary. The Adams Heritage Centre in Littleport is to open its doors so everyone can have a look see on the weekend of 19 / 20th July though it is currently a backdrop for a film on horses in the fens. In contrast to the frequently seen poppy the flower chosen to represent Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire is the rare Pasqueflower (Pulsatilla vulgaris).  The pasqueflower is described as “low and hairy with feathery leaves and large, single, purple blooms with vivid yellow stamens”. It blooms around Easter (“Pasque” meaning “like Paschal”, of Easter).

Pasqueflower © Frances Watkins

Pasqueflower © Frances Watkins

Whilst endeavouring to find out more about county flowers I discovered that Plantlife has declared the Ouse Washes an IPA (no, not the beer, an Important Plant Area) – so nice to be noticed…

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3 thoughts on “Unexpected floribundance and a little bit of history

  1. They are Antirrhinums aka snapdragons not Lupins growing in the business park at Littleport.

    • Thanks Bridget, I remember now feeling unsure but did not check it out or find a ‘general’ term to cover them!!! Silly me !!! Really helpful to know, much appreciated…Mark has just handed me your lovely books on the area, hope to meet you sometime in the future, thanks again, abby

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