6 thoughts on “Proudly Presenting: Our LOGO!

    • Bill, Thanks for the comment; glad you like it. Well spotted – the ‘O’ and ‘W’ are indeed purposefully, but subtly incorporated in the logo design.

  1. You could not have picked a more splendid logo, it’s very calm and serene and literally has everything in it that you are promoting and maintaining we’ll done

    • Hello Bev, Glad you like our logo. For me, it also oozes the relative tranquillity and serenity of the OWLP area, with a constant yet gentle wind affecting the wetland vegetation and skies. This, together with the crisp look and colours make this logo quite pleasing to the eye.

    • Thanks Andrew. From April 2014 onwards you should be seeing a lot of this logo, connected to the OWLP partnership’s 25 projects focused on e.g. local communities’ engagement, historic research and conservation work.

      So far the responses to the logo have been very positive, so hopefully it will not take long before the logo will be a recognised ‘brand’ for the OWLP scheme.

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